Current Students

Althea Wilson

PhD Candidate

Research Area: Dusty Plasmas

Dusty plasmas (a.k.a. complex plasmas) contain dust grains in addition to ions and electrons. Dusty plasmas are found in space and processing industry where plasmas are used. Althea develops advanced models to understand dust crystals formed in rf plasma reactors.

Peyman Rahimi Borujerdi

PhD Candidate

Research Area: Wildland Fires

Peyman's research interest is in the CFD based physical modeling of wildland fires. He is developing advanced models for description of pyrolysis, water moisture evaporation and burning processes, including combustion, of dead and living leaves.

Aditya Mankame

PhD Candidate

Research Area: WUI Fires

Spot ignition, a common phenomenon in wildland and wildland-urban interface (WUI) fires, is caused by landed firebrands (a.k.a. embers), which are generated and lofted by a source (primary) fire. In WUI fires, firebrands can land on or near structures and initiate spot fires that threaten lives and properties far away from the primary fire. Aditya develops physical models to improve understanding of the role of firebrands in spread of WUI fires.

William E. Shannon

Graduate Student

Research Area: Wildland Fires

William uses physics-based models to study wildland fires. His research focuses on fire interactions, investigating the effects of fluid dynamics and heat transfer on multiple adjacent burning shrubs.